• Corporate culture

Speech of the chairman 

Trifle cannot be underestimated, and details decide success. 

To be a man, do business and run an enterprise, you should take every trifle seriously, be careful and realize maximum value. 

Only good moral quality can products of high quality be produced. Both quality of man and quality of product should make inside equal outside so as to make customers and the society feel relieved. 

Absorb suggestions of enterprise staff, the majority of customers and all sectors of society actively, improve, update and complete technical indicators of various products continuously, keep improving and make innovation continuously.  

–Wang Jincheng

Company philosophy: 

Combine wisdom of the nation and do realistic and innovative cause.

Quality idea: 

Be careful and make world top products. 

Service idea: 

Quality carries dream, service makes loyalty and struggle wins recognition.

Talent idea: 

Guide wisdom of a huge crowd, cultivate refined talents, make changes continuously and go beyond oneself. 

Strategic target: 

Crate national products of high quality and serve to the whole world.